Other Services

Our service team would also be happy to help you in the following areas: Computer Networking, servicing both home and business locations and Tech Services, we service both home and business customers.


Network Services

  • Free Estimate for labor and equipment
  • Complete site surey
  • Product Recommendations 

Network Setup

Service Includes:

  • Freedom of sharing all your files, videos, photo and music across all of your devices
  • Secure setup of Wired and Wireless Routers
  • Networking of Multiple Computers and Laptops
  • Internet, File and Printing Sharing
  • Wireless Encryption Setup for WiFi Devices
  • PC Computer Networks
  • Upgrade or Product Recommendation

Support Devices:

  • Wired and WiFi Devices
  • Computer and Laptops
  • Tablets Computers
  • Printer, Fax and Scanners
  • Routers, Switches and Modems
  • WiFi Access Points
  • Computer Wireless Cards

Network Trouble Shooting

Service Includes:
  • Problems with your existing Computer Network?
  • Technicians will come out, inspect amd correct issues
  • Fix, Upgrade or suggest Product Recommendations
  • Home or Office Network Devices

Internet Trouble Shooting

Service Includes:

  • Trouble Shooting of Cable Modem, DSL, or Dial-up Modem
  • WiFi TroubleShooting
  • Upgrade or Product Recommendations
  • Introduction and Orientation

Tech Services and Computer Training

Happly serving you Middletown Computer offers a comfortable and convenient ways to recieve Computer Training for in home and on location business customers. First our Computer Specialist will do a one on one consultation to evaluate your skill level, then from there they customize a training program based computer skills that you wish to learn at your pace. Classes are informal, one on one and in the comfort of your home or business. We teach simple computing  for beginners or skilled users learn the lastest technology!


Ential Consultation includes:

  • 1 Hour - Evaluation of knowledge and skills
  • Customize Training Program/ List of Skills the Customer wishes to aquire
  • Time permitting - Begin Coverage of Material
  • Cost $100.00

Computer Recycling

Here at Middletown Computer we are happy to Recycle your unwanted Computer and Laptop for FREE! Electronic devices are full of toxic chemicals that are extremly harmful to the enviroment and should never be improperly disposed of. Drop off your computers, Laptops and other electrontic devices any time during business hours!

We look forward to working with you to create a more positive impact on the enviroment and our community!


Recycle Old Laptops and Computers:

  • We recycle any working parts to build and resell affordable second hand computers at an extremly affordable price to the community
  • Help someone that can't afford a new computer
  • Help Protect the environment by reducing the waste stream


* Services offered for both Home and Business

Free Hard Drive Removal:

  • We can destroy data on your old hard drive FREE of charge or take out the hard drive and return it to you Free of charge.
  • Insures that your data is securely erased in accordance to US Department of Defense Standards or securely returned to you.


*Services offered for both Home and Business

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