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Over time many computers become slow and riddled with random operating system errors that may lead to the computer crashing or randomly shut down causing files to be lost or deleted from the computer's hard drive. At Middletown Computer we are happy to offer the support to recover lost files, optimize performance, complete system restoration, virus removal and much more!

Data Recovery

  • Possibly recover deleted or lost files from the hard drive
  • Possibly recover file from reformatted drives

Data Backup

  • Back up and transfer of data files, photos, music, mp3s and common files to a storage device or media type of your choice.
  • Back up your files to another computer, an external hard drive or on to CD's or DVD's
  • Quicken / Qucikbooks data back up / storage
  • Microsoft Outlook email PST back up

Computer Tune-Up

  • Will Optimize your computer
  • Remove unneeded software and improve overall system preformance
  • Check for and update critical software
  • Check system's security and advise how to better secure your computer

Operating System Install

  • Operating System Software Install
  • Installation of your Software
  • Updates and Security Patches
  • Install of common programs like Flash and Java
  • Software Recommendations
  • Personalized Setup and Configuration
  • Hardware Upgrade Options

*We also offer setup of multiple operating systems on one computer

Computer Hardware Repair

  • Repair hardware issues on any new or old computer

Computer Upgrade Service

  • Transfer email accounts for old computer
  • Data Transfer to new computer
  • Install and configuration of Software
  • Updat Current Security Programs
  • Setup of other Computer Accessories
  • Introduction and Orientation

Memory Upgrade

  • Will increase overall speed
  • Recommendations based on system specs
  • Includes install and testing of the memory

Operating System Upgrade

  • Hard Drive Wipe
  • Data Backup and Data Transfers
  • Operating systems OS update and configuration
  • Installation and configuration of software
  • Introduction and Orientation
  • Update current security patches

Peripheral Device Installation

  • PCI,PCLe Card Install
  • Blu-ray, DVD and CD drives
  • Digital Camera and Gaming Devices
  • Printer Setup
  • Computer FAX or Scanner Install
  • External Strorage Setup
  • Orientation for new equipment

Graphic Card Upgrade

  • Recomendations for proper video/ graphics card upgrade 
  • Install, configure and test it.

Motherboard Repair

  • Repair or Replace the Motherboard
  • Possibly Cheaper than buying a new computer

iColor Repair of Middletown

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(Food Lion Shopping Center)


Phone Number: 302-485-4422






iColor Repair of Wilmington

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Phone Number: 302-698-8130



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